Am  13.06. wird im Freien Theater Innsbruck ein botanisch inspiriertes Sound Programm aufgeführt, das sich künstlerisch mit dem Thema Neophyten auseinandersetzt:

“Invasive species migrations, a harmful subgroup of nonindigenous species in a specific local environment are leading to new potential diseases, adverse changes in ecosystem services, impoverishment of biodiversity, extinction of indigenous species and consequently devastation of fauna and flora in general. That poses a threat for the highest developed predators and especially humans!
Discourses on the topic of invasive species take place in a range that varies between pure science objectivity and extreme emotional xenophobia. Perhaps such a natural phenomenon, almost entirely initiated by the Homo sapiens can also be understood as an “accidental experiment” which enables new possibilities of experiencing operation systems in nature.
From the perspective of social constructivism of normative theorems relating to Nature, human culture is never innocent, we can’t say anything what does not originate from human conceptual apparatus, is intertwined with human needs and desires in short, when talking about nature, we are always talking about (human) culture.”

Von 17. bis 19.06. gibt es dazu auch workshops!

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