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Individual Niche Specialization and Personalities of Predatory Mites

PhD position (3 year funding) available on the linkage between Individual Niche Specialization and Personality Formation in Predatory Mites. The PhD position is embedded in a larger Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project aiming at linking animal personality formation in six species of plant-inhabiting predatory mites to individual specialization in social niche and diet use, as affected by early life experiences and parental effects. The six species range from group-living diet specialists to mostly solitary living diet generalists (omnivores). Interested candidates should have a keen interest in Behavioral Ecology and possess advanced English language skills; experience in scientific work with mites and/or insects is welcome but not obligatory.

Wanted starting date is March 1, 2021.

 Interested candidates should apply via email before December 13, 2020; applications should include a CV and a list of publications and presentations.

Contact and further information: peter.schausberger@univie.ac.at, +43 1 4277 54430