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We are looking for two students to undertake their bachelor thesis or internship in human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) research at the Center for Virology, Medical University of Vienna.

The research group of Irene Görzer is interested in understanding why numerous different HCMV strains exist in the human population and how mixed HCMV strain populations interfere with each other. So far, it is largely unknown to what extent the distinct strains differ in their biological properties with regard to infectivity, transmission, and pathogenicity.

The successful candidate will be integrated in an ongoing PhD project performed by the PhD student Büşra Külekçi dealing with the dynamic of HCMV strain diversity in patients after lung transplantation. The students will execute and analyse their own experiments under the close supervision of Irene Görzer.

Project 1: Genomic analysis of a retrospective cohort of lung transplant patients focusing on the dynamics of different HCMV strains over time. Main methods: broad range of molecular biology techniques, NGS, bioinformatics analysis

Project 2: Analysis of HCMV-positive cell subsets of prospectively collected bronchoalveolar lavage samples of lung transplant patients. Main techniques: clinical sample processing using aseptic techniques, cell sorting, cell staining and microscopy

The positions are available immediately and planned for a minimum of 3 months. Please send your application with a cover letter and CV to: Irene Goerzer, PD, PhD Center for Virology Medical University of Vienna Kinderspitalgasse 15 A-1090 Vienna, Austria E-mail: irene.goerzer@meduniwien.ac.at Phone: + 43-1-40160 65573

Source: Bachelor student or internship